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I realized this page is grossly outdated, but not in the mood to update right now. Let’s make it simple and say that I’m the author of the Mitch O’Reilly Mystery Series and host of Gay Mystery Podcast.

I’ll put more here when I come up with a way to give it more oomph!

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      1. I think (know) my husband is Bipolar, but can’t get him to acknowledge he and to get help. I commend your better half, it’s not an easy place to be. Good luck I will be back.

  1. Hi and thanks for the follow on my blog. I too am Bi polar 2.

    Crazy ride at times, isn’t it? Lol 🙂 Still, we have to learn to laugh at ourselves and not take things to heart. Your husband sounds amazing. I’ve only just separated from mine and thats why I’ve been away from blogland! 🙂 Take care of you! Hugs Paula xxx

    1. It is a wild, crazy ride. I enjoyed looking through your blog so I hope you don’t stay away from blogland for too long.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. There’s a lot of depression that goes with my Borderline Personality Disorder. I believe my father was undiagnosed Bi-polar. He had an uncle who was manic/depressive (old terminology) and I have a nephew on my side who is diagnosed bi-polar (all from my father’s side of the family) so it’s a pretty strong line in our family tree. Even when my BPD seems to be in remission, I still seem to struggle with depression. I also have a lot of impulsiveness, so maybe I’ve got some bi-polar too. I’m glad to hear your partner is so supportive. You’re a lucky man!

  3. It’s good to hear that you have Maurice. I know how amazing it is to have a compassionate partner.
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    Depression is at the core of my life struggles so I can relate.

  4. *Ahem* *Ahem again* Bradley,

    Sometimes genuine loves requires telling people the truth about themselves, no matter how painful that might be. In turn, there is no greater act of courage than to admit the truth about oneself.

    “I have a wonderful husband named Maurice who I refer to frequently”

    The truth is Bradley, you do not have a wonderful husband named Maurice who you refer to frequently.

    However, had you written ” … WHOM I refer to frequently”, well I could not find fault with such a statement. It would be true.

    As unorthodox as it may be, please feel the love from the Grammar Police, and be well.


  5. Hi Bradley, I wanted to check out your blog. I hate to hear you have to deal with depression. My heart breaks for anyone who has it and any other mental illness. I devote much of my blog to the seriousness of depression and the tragic outcome that it had for my family. I pray that you will be able to fight the daily battles and defeat the enemy. I am glad you have someone who supports you. Blessings from D.J.

  6. Song2theS,

    You’re so right. It’s the result of having been corrected as a child in my grammar. Mild PTSD, I submit. You should see what happens to me when someones offers to “loan” me something (a noun, not a verb) instead of “lend” me something.

    The comment was made a little tongue-in-cheek, so to speak.

  7. Brad,
    I don’t know you well but I know Maurice from PUC when I lived in Redondo.
    Very happy to see your health and see your blog. I’be had bipolar in family and friends. It’s a life long thing; takes more resolve than most realize.

    Good on you and your hubby too.

    1. Thank you, Steve. You truly have made my day. I hope you’ll keep coming back and continue reading. This blog is a labor of love.

      1. Any blog worth its salt is a labor of love, and any life worth living is a labor of love as well. Somehow, I get the impression that everything you do is a labor of love.

  8. I will always come back to follow your latest to-doing’s. I much prefer to read about other people than to read about myself. I can’t seem to get away from myself. Every morning, there I am with my mad morning hair 🙂

    I would love to go back in time to my original bipolar diagnosis; I was diagnosed with severe and chronic depression when I was 12. However, I was not correctly diagnosed with manic-depression until I was 31. I was originally diagnosed as a Bipolar Type II. Then I graduated 🙂 I had a full-blown manic episode, and I was upgraded to classic Bipolar Disorder Type I. I liked Type II better. Hypomania is so much more fun than full blown mania which can become quite scary. It doesn’t last as long either.

    But, happy news, I have been diagnosed with mild manic-depression the last few times I saw the doctor. So, I consider that huge progress. Of course, I was just completely manic, but, I am a “mild” manic-depressive. Maybe now I can go back to school 🙂

    How did you get to be a bipolar bear? What kind of bear is bipolar? I think you ought to be a polar bear. They are very regal and noble looking. And, they can swim 🙂

  9. Hi Bradley, glad to run across your blog–the polar bear got my attention! I admire your determination to lose weight and manage your bi-polar. I came from a lifetime of depression, and the question was always which came first, depression or sex abuse. Anyway, that’s what I write about. I lost 50 lbs on WW a few years ago. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the healthiest way to eat. That’s not to say I’m perfect and now I’m working on losing the 20 I gained back when I took being thin for granted! Come visit 🙂

    1. Hi Mandy,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m glad my polar bear caught your attention..that means he’s working. I’m a firm believer in Weight Watchers. It’s working wonders for me.

      1. Do you not have a Follow button, Bradley? I haven’t done email follows since my inbox is always so full I don’t want them to get lost in the mess. I would love to follow you, too. 🙂

        1. There should be a Follow button in the WordPress Reader you can click. Is that what you mean?

  10. No. I don’t get you in my Reader since I don’t Follow you. (I think I saw you in the comments on Osomann’s blog and that’s how I found your blog.) There is usually a Follow and Like on the top of the frame of blogs, and you can use the Widgets to put the Follow Buttons on your blog. But if you have Followers they must be doing something, lol! Unless they subscribe via email. But I’d like to get you in my Reader!

    1. I don’t know what to say, I have WordPress followers. I just tried to find a plug-in or widget that has a WordPress follow button and am having no luck.

      Maybe try logging into your Dashboard and then put my URL in. Maybe the follow button will show up there. (grasping at straws)

    2. Mandy, the answer is so obvious I can’t believe it just came to me. Log into your reader and look for the button on the right side labeled “Blogs I Follow” and click on “Edit” then just type in my URL and that should do it.

  11. Dear Bradley,

    Just came across your blog and went through some of your posts. I really enjoyed your writing style. Insightful coupled with great humor.

    I imagine you to be like one big teddy bear. Hugs

    1. Glad you found me, IC and thank you for the comments. I hope to see you stop by some more. And yes, despite my gruff and grumbly exterior, I am just a big ‘ol teddy bear.

  12. Whoa. You have been on a roller coaster ride for a long time. Alread just skimming your blog, I have gleaned some insights. Thanks. The one on binge watching caught my eye. THE BORGIAS is a good series, via Netflix. I did binge watch it. 😀

  13. Hi, Bradley, thanks so much for visiting my site and choosing to follow along. It’s lovely to know you have such a supportive spouse. That’s a life-saver.
    Blessings, Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy Sue. I apologize it’s taken a week to respond. Somehow I missed your comment. Thank you for stopping in.

    1. Welcome, Robert. Thank you for taking a look around. I look forward to checking out your site.

    1. Thank you for the nomination, but I was just nominated a few days ago and my responses will be posted tomorrow. lol. I do feel honored, though.

  14. Being diagnosed with BiPolar,back up I was diagnosed with anxiety at 15 but was never medicated, I was told two options treat it myself or see a quack and be put on meds. I took the no thank you route. For 3 years then I was in a bad relationship and affecting my parents relationship with me too at 18, so I asked for a pill to help, I literally took one I was up all night heart racing, sweating. Woke up the next morning dumped the pills and said pills aren’t going to take my problems away.

    Anyways, broke up with the boyfriend relationship with parents got better. I was married 18 months later. I’m still go no medicine until I had a baby,where anxiety is super high!!! I was hypertension, low iron, and freaking out. At 6 weeks I broke down asking for anti depressants.

    BiPolar came in right after my son’s 2nd Birthday,I was manic, paranoid, spending money, driving to places all over. I wanted to switch doctors for location wise, made unwise decisions. My husband made me a dr appt, but the dr sent me to the ER, I asked for a sleeping aid I’d been up 24 hrs, I woke up in the physic ward I was not happy. I was there 12 days came home Christmas Day. I was daised,confused, unhappy, hated all the medicine. I was like there but not there. I was a walking zombie.

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