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Jumping Through Hoops

bipolar medication

I’m going to break my rule again today and talk about meds openly. I’m doing so because saying Med1 does this and Med2 does this, would get too confusing. Primarily I’ll talk about Abilify. I’ve been taking it for years and have been happy with it. There are many reasons for taking Abilify, but I […]

Medication Talk

I take 6 pills every day for my bipolar disorder. That may sound like a lot to some of you and for some of you it may sound next to nothing. I have friends who take well over a dozen pills each day. What meds do they take? I’m not going to tell you. What […]

Imminent Bipolar Medication Change

Thinking back about ten years ago two things come to mind. First, was meeting Maurice, the man I look forward to spending the rest of my life with. The second thing is not pleasant. It was right after I met Maurice that my life spiraled downwards. Looking back at my life I can clearly see […]

See You Later

This isn’t a goodbye. As my regular readers know, I’ve been taking time off from this blog to further pursue my writing career. I’ve found it difficult – actually damn near impossible, to balance both the blog and the novel I am working on. As a result, I am stepping away from the blog for […]

Keep the Sunny Side Up With Affirmations

What do you think of affirmations? I hate them. I’m sure some of you just gasped and thought what a bad attitude I have. Maybe I do. Maybe I should say some affirmations to change that. Oh hell, I’ll never get around to doing that. Oops! Even more bad attitude. Why don’t I like affirmations? […]

Fitness Update October 20, 2014

Why a Fitness Update on a Bipolar Blog? As much as I am grateful for the meds that have made a dramatic difference in making me more balanced, there is one side effect I’m not thrilled about – weight gain. Weight gain can be a major struggle for those of us on bipolar meds because […]

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