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Why Must This Keep Happening?

  Once again, I got cocky until my disease kicked me in the ass. I never thought I was cured of bipolar disorder, but I thought I had it all under control. This has happened many times before, yet I fall for it nearly every time. Things had been going well for me. It’s been […]

Dissociation Again

I posted about dissociation last July, immediately after I had an occurrence. I can’t recall experiencing this dreadful disorder since then, up until last Wednesday. If you’ve experienced dissociation you know how disabling it can be. I was proud of myself for working my way through it much better than I ever had before – […]

Dissociation Came Back

What is Dissociation? Before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder I would experience dissociation on a regular basis. Not familiar with dissociation? To me it feels like I’m in a bubble or behind a shroud and watching the world going on around me. I’m not a part of it at all, just trapped there as […]