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Let’s Talk About Sex – Throwback

This weeks throwback is from November 2014 If you Google symptoms of mania there’s one thing you’ll find on nearly every list – sex. For example, the Mayo Clinic website states “Increased sex drive” as a symptom of mania. Webmd goes a step further and says “more and sometimes promiscuous sex.” Despite this simple fact, […]

Manic Adventures

I read a lot of blogs. A whole lot. In fact, I subscribe to over 120 of them. Of course, it’s not possible to read all of them every day, but I do have my go-to’s that I never miss if at all possible. Today’s guest blogger writes one of my must-reads. I never miss […]


A word of warning…as you can see by the title, todays post is about hypersexuality and I will be speaking with honesty and candidness, as I do with all subjects. If this is going to be more info than you care to know about me, it’d probably be best to put your fingers in your […]