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I Wish I Could Read

man reading

To start off, the title is a bit misleading. I can read, but not very well. Actually, the real problem is comprehension. I can’t remember a damn thing. Back when I was a younger lad, I read all the time. Typically, one book every couple of days. It didn’t matter what. Sometimes a great novel, […]

Memory and Bipolar: What Can You Do About It?

The Problem With Memory and Bipolar Disorder My memory is bad. Really bad. No, actually, it’s terrible. For many of us, memory and bipolar disorder do not go together well. The fact that memory loss is associated with bipolar disorder is nothing new. A recent study partially funded by the National Institute of Mental Health […]

Who? When? Where? How?

Several years ago my therapist gave me a memory test. This took place when I was in the midst of despair and my pdoc and I were working together to find the medicinal cocktail that was right for me. Naturally my test results were abysmal. One part of the test involved my therapist listing 10 […]