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Why Must This Keep Happening?

  Once again, I got cocky until my disease kicked me in the ass. I never thought I was cured of bipolar disorder, but I thought I had it all under control. This has happened many times before, yet I fall for it nearly every time. Things had been going well for me. It’s been […]

When I Grow Up

I’m at that place again where I ask “What do I want to do when I grow up?” I’ve been asking that question my entire life. There were day, weeks, months and even years where I knew the answer to that question, while other times I didn’t have a clue. I’m kind of at that […]

Bipolar Disorder and Caffeine’s Effects

According to the National Institute of Mental Health 90% of Americans use caffeine daily, including, of course, those suffering from mood disorders such as depression and bipolar. Considering the amount of coffee, tea, sodas, sports drinks, ice cream and chocolate that is consumed, the percentage should be no surprise. And, yes, you read correctly, there […]

Neat and Tidy

Our apartment will never be featured in Better Homes & Gardens.  Maurice works long hours and I am terrible at housework.  It’s all or nothing for me.  I try to keep the place tidy, but, once it gets a little messy, I start to feel overwhelmed and let it go.  This goes on and on […]