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My Second Life

In case you haven’t heard, Second Life is an online virtual world populated by millions of people across the globe. In the Second Life world you can be almost anyone you want to be, do almost anything you want to do, and have almost anything you want to have. Check out yesterday’s article to get […]

The House Husband

A couple of weeks ago I dropped the only class I was taking. I dropped it because I failed to turn in an essay and chose to withdraw from the class rather than get a low grade. It was my professor’s suggestion, actually. What he didn’t know, however, is that I’m on academic probation. I […]


  Tomorrow (Saturday Sept 28) is my fiftieth birthday.  Yep, the big Five-O.  I didn’t think it was going to bother me, but I’m shocked that I was wrong.  All week I’ve been irritable. It didn’t bother me when I turned thirty.  It didn’t bother me when I turned 40.  Interestingly, it did bother me […]

When You Get Worse

Once upon a time I was a young(er) lad who was having struggles getting help from the Los Angeles County mental health department. I was dealing with acute bouts of major depression, but, I was turned down again and again and again. Each of the clinics told me they were working with more clients than […]

Talk, Talk, Talk

People use to talk. Families would talk around the dinner table; folks would sit on the front porch and talk with their neighbors. You would find men chatting at the barbers or the POW or Elk’s clubs. Women would be home during the day and would talk with the other housewives. Garden clubs were an […]

Perception Problems

Remember the movie “Ghost”? When Patrick Swayze’s character dies he can’t touch anything. His hands keep going through anything he tries to touch. That’s what it sometimes feels to me. There’s a major flaw in the movie, by the way, since he does run up stairs and is able to ride a subway, but I […]

This Is Me

Thursday I was tagged by The Unstable Blogger to come up with 6 words to describe myself. Yesterday, both Clinically Clueless and Shiv posted their “Wordle” as I did below. I was impressed so saw this as a way of killing two birds with one stone. Just click on it to see the words I […]

I’m King of the Meds!

One of the thrills of being bipolar is the contest of taking more pills than other friends or people in your support group. Now that my pdoc put me on another one I take 8 pills every morning and 6 pills every night. Woo Hoo! I know some who take sixteen or more a day, […]

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