A typical day.

I use to watch televison. I just didn’t enjoy it so Maurice and I had cablevision removed because it was a waste of money for us. I didn’t expect any changes in my habits to change, but I am now turning into a tv junkie. Here’s my typical day:

Early morning: A flip around to various news stations and also some Jerry Springer.
9am – Let’s make a Deal with Wayne Brady
10am – The Price is Right with Drew Carey
11am – Two episodes of the Beverly Hillibies
12 – Two episodes of I Dream of Jeanie
13- Two episodes of Bewitched

Those are just my mornings, the list continues on and on.

With all the other things going on, I hate that I’m stuck in a rut. It’s actually quite comfortable having a consistant day, however I feel like a slob sitting around all day.

What do you know, I am going to get out today. I have a doctors appointment in about an hour. Woo Hoo! I get to frolic in the outdoors for a bit.

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