Caption This Winner Announcement

Our celebrity judges George Takei, Betty White, Ellen DeGeneres and I spent many hours together laughing non-stop. Once we got down to business, we spent just as long deciding on a winner of the caption contest. Just before sunrise we made our decision on a Caption This winner. Here is the picture that was posted on Wednesday:



The Winner

The winner of this week’s Crotchety’s Golden Unicorn Award is…

caption this golden unicorn award

Janet Coburn


“I love it! My arm flab hardly shows at all!” 


Honorable mentions go out Vlad for

“Jean-Paul was correct.. the wooden clogs did in fact make the outfit.”

and to dearlilyjune for

“Bradley sat down to find the most uncaptionable photo in history. As he looked into the pale eyes of the vampire bat supermodel, he stroked his chin with an evil grin. “Yes,” he said aloud. ‘This oughta do just fine.'”

This weeks contest really was the most difficult to decide because there were so many good responses. Thank you all for playing! “Caption This” will be back next Wednesday

8 comments on Caption This Winner Announcement

  1. Congrats Janet! This really was a freaky picture & I had fun reading all the contributions!

    And thanks to your wonderful encouragement on Lose It!, Bradley, I won’t need to wear such a hideous dress. I’m wearing shirts that reveal my triceps and biceps; there’s not that much flab there anymore. Four months & 35 pounds ago if you told me I’d be wearing tank tops every day I would’ve called you a liar! 😉

    1. I’m so proud of you so thank you for the motivation. Wonderful you can wear tank tops nowadays.

  2. I love your “caption this” series, I do this on my FB page with my kid’s funny pictures bc I’m so bad at coming up with my own titles (which is why I haven’t commented on any of yours). I get some funny responses sometimes!

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