Caption This Award Winner

I knew when I posted this pic that ya’ll wouldn’t let me down and you proved me right. A lot of outstanding responses, but as you know there can be only one winner.  Here’s the pic that was posted on Wednesday:

What is that


The winner of this week’s Crotchety’s Golden Unicorn Award is…
caption this golden unicorn award

Janet Coburn


“Marie wasn’t sure what ‘muff-diving’ was, but she was beginning to think her fiancé wasn’t clear on the concept either.


We’ve had some funny responses over the past few weeks, but Janet’s response to this weeks picture practically made me fall out of my chair.

See you next Wednesday for “Caption This” and your chance to win the Golden Unicorn.

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  1. awe I wish I could see the caption! what does it say? you know when you do it next, can you describe what the image is so I can participate? I’ll love you forever! 🙂 xxx

    1. Absolutely, Carol Ann. I have one coming out on Thursday this week,. The description will be there. In this post, the picture is taken likely the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. It’s of a woman wearing a formal dress. Next to her is a person, probably a man, wearing an old fashioned diving suit.

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