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Living in Acceptance: Seek Balance

The Problem Having bipolar disorder means life is a balancing act. Trying not to go too far on the manic side and not fall too far on the depressive side. It’s fitting that I’m a Libra. The symbol for Libras is balance. The scales. Life, for me, is constant turmoil trying to stay in that […]

Suffering From Mental Illness

I noticed something recently that escaped me before and that is the number of people who are apparently suffering. I read profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and I see suffering everywhere. People post on their profiles that they are “Suffering from mental illness, “or “Suffering from bipolar disorder,” or “Suffering from depression,” or PTSD, […]

The House Husband

A couple of weeks ago I dropped the only class I was taking. I dropped it because I failed to turn in an essay and chose to withdraw from the class rather than get a low grade. It was my professor’s suggestion, actually. What he didn’t know, however, is that I’m on academic probation. I […]

Where Do I Begin?

It’s been such a while, I have so much going on that It’s hard to decide where to start:  First:  My bipolar is more under control, but still not where I’d like it to be.  I still have manic days and depressive days, but the pendulum doesn’t swing towards manic as much as it use too. Despite the fact […]

What Do You Believe?

One of my favorite websites is It’s a treasure trove of information about all the major worlds religions. It’s an especially good place to go if one is searching for others who may fall within their same belief system. My favorite part of is the Belief-O-Matic. It’s a fun test to take in […]