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I Want To Be Like Her

Carrie Fisher Dog

This is kinda-Sorta another Carrie Fisher tribute, but I’ll try not to make it like the others we’ve seen en masse last week on TV, in the newspapers and around the blogosphere. While I’ll be using quotes by Carrie, it’s more about me. It’s about me and how I look at life now based upon […]

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher

I’ve promoted Carrie Fisher many, many times on this blog. It’s no exaggeration to say she is my hero. Despite having so much to lose, because she’s a celebrity, Carrie has no skeletons in her closet. For decades she’s courageously been open and honest about having bipolar disorder, as well as a history of using […]

Some of my Heroes – Throwback

This week’s Throwback is from May 2013 In February, Carrie Fisher, of Star Wars fame, acted erratically while performing on stage during a cruise, which included her belting out songs off key, and having to clean up after her dogs who pooped on stage. Carrie was not drunk as some believed. She had to see […]

Wednesday’s Quote: Carrie Fisher

  “One of the things that baffles me (and there are quite a few) is how there can be so much lingering stigma with regards to mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder. In my opinion, living with manic depression takes a tremendous amount of balls. Not unlike a tour of Afghanistan (though the bombs and bullets, […]