Carrie Fisher

I’ve promoted Carrie Fisher many, many times on this blog. It’s no exaggeration to say she is my hero. Despite having so much to lose, because she’s a celebrity, Carrie has no skeletons in her closet. For decades she’s courageously been open and honest about having bipolar disorder, as well as a history of using LSD and other drugs.

Last night Carrie had a heart attack while on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Emergency units met her plane in LA and she is still in intensive care. I’ve thought of her all night.

Not only does Carrie speak honestly, she’s also pretty damned funny. The video below is an interview she did on the Today show in 2008. It perfectly illustrates why I adore her. Hang in there, Carrie.

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  1. I hope she is going to be okay. I have always admired her honesty and sense of humor about her life as a Bipolar, and her substance abuse. She truly is a champion of reducing stigma through open and honest dialogue.

    1. All day I’ve been checking the news for updates. There hasn’t been any which makes me nervous.

  2. I have also been thinking of her and praying for her!!! So many others are doing the same, which comforts me.

    1. I can’t stop thinking about her. I keep checking the news for updates, but there hasn’t been anything new other than commentary from fellow passengers.

  3. Dear Bradley, I at first didn’t want to click like on this post because I had already read your post about her death. But I braved to watch this video and oh my am loving her too late maybe… this poor mental health community with few like Carrie – such a soulfully candid beautiful woman – getting really personally sad

      1. You are right Bradley, each death and especially one which makes me feel this shallow and sad, actually keeps me grounded in the reality of my own imminent death. Not imminent because I know for sure when it’s gonna be; but imminent because there’s no doubt it’s gonna be. What really keeps me going is the realization that I have a choice in how I want to live in the in between if you get my point. Now; I may not be a celebrity, but I can live an Amazing ans impactful life – that’s my goal – without knowing her dear Carrie before these past days … I can affirm that she was pretty amazing just by what I have quickly read and watched so far. Grateful for such inspiring souls who cross our path in some direct or indirect way on this planet. Thanks for sharing and bringing this awesome personality to my attention.

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