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Losing Your Sense of Self

A fellow blogger forwarded me an article published in April in the New York Times Magazine. The article was beautifully written by Linda Logan and details her 20 year journey living with bipolar. She does an excellent job of detailing the hell that it can be living with a mood disorder and the loss of […]

Hypomania is Back

I’ve been down about the fact that I’m not receiving comments these days. It’s really ridiculous because I abandoned my blog for nearly two years. It took awhile to build up a base of readers at that time, and I shouldn’t consider this to be any different.   My feelings get hurt too easily.  It reminds […]

Hypomania Sunday

A whirlwind day that was a bit much for me. I’m still hypomanic (manic and depressed at the same time, but like I said yesterday I’ll lean towards the manic side and say today was a 7). Im pretty worn out since it feels like I’m coming off the manic spell. Not up for saying […]