Hypomania is Back

I’ve been down about the fact that I’m not receiving comments these days. It’s really ridiculous because I abandoned my blog for nearly two years. It took awhile to build up a base of readers at that time, and I shouldn’t consider this to be any different.   My feelings get hurt too easily.  It reminds me of a birthday I had a few years ago.  Not a single person called me to wish me a happy birthday.  It hurt so bad that no one called.  Funny thing is that I knew that my phone was disconnected at the time, yet I was hurt and pissed me off.

The past two days were bad for me emotionally because I was hypomanic.  Simply put, hypomania is when you are depressed and manic at the same time.  It is not fun.  The mania keeps me busy doing things, yet the depressive side keeps me from completing anything.  I was able to search out a post in which I described hypomania a bit more.  I couldn’t find the one I wanted but here’s one that goes into it just a little bit more:  Hypomania

How’s the diet going?  Well, you won’t believe this, but it’s going too well.  As most of you probably know, Weight Watchers uses a point system.  There is a simple formula that determines how many points you can eat.  For example, my usual bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and Vanilla Almond milk is 6 points.  There’s also a simple formula to determine how much you are allowed to eat each day.  My total is 54 points.  This is considered a pretty high number, and I should be ecstatic.  The problem is that I’m barely able to reach that goal.  It seems to high. When I am able to reach the daily goal, I am absolutely stuffed. 

Yesterday I had to eat two separate breakfasts and two separate lunches to help me reach my daily goal.  I ended the day with 1 point left, but it was a challenge.  Once I lose 5% of my weight goal, I will do the formula again and my total daily points will go down.  How crazy is it that I’m excited that I’ll be able to eat less each day. 

I’m taking a class provided by the Senior Pastor at my church, Reverend John.  It’s a class on religious history. It’s a great class, but there’s a lot of reading requirements.  Time for me to head off and finish our current reading assignment….and don’t forget to leave me a comment when you go. 

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