Depression is Back Again.

Meh, pretty much describes my day today.   My pdoc and I have found a pretty good drug coctail that helps keep me in balance.  You’d think that I would have learned by now is that being on the meds doesn’t mean I’ll never be depressed or manic again.  The days that I seem perfectly balanced are wonderful, so it catches me off guard when a depressive day happens, like today.  It makes it very easy to have your own little pity party.  I’m having one now.  That’s why it’s going to be a pretty short posting today.

Maurice joined me and bought a monthly pass for Weight Watchers.  After our meeting on Saturday he was totally stoked and raring to go.  It was fun and a relief to see him so excited.  So we’ve begun that journey and there will be plenty more to talk about later.

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