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Under Pressure


My anxiety has been out of control and getting worse every day. I’ve been weaning off one of my anti-anxiety meds and thought that may be the culprit, but Maurice and I got out the calendar and checked. Nope, this all started happening before I started reducing the meds. I think it’s just plain old […]

Slowly Killing Your Soul – Throwback

killing your soul

  Today’s Throwback is from August 25, 2008   Overheard merger, analysis, consult, dividends, recruitment, associates, implementation, strategic planning, productivity, restructure, outcome, negotiate, long-term, exemption, directive, recruit, gross, net, operational, recession, shareholders…. lap tops, cell phones, i phones, Blackberries, raspberries, snozberries…. All the above summarizes what I saw and heard at the airport on my […]

Taste Buds, Sweet Cravings and Stress

Why We Crave Reaching for the candies at work when things get hectic? Stress at home have you going for the Ben & Jerry’s? Researchers may have discovered why you reach for the sweets when you’re feeling stressed. “Sweet taste may be particularly affected by stress,” said lead author M. Rockwell Parker, PhD, a chemical […]