Dancin’ with Myself

I woke up to the blues this morning. It doesn’t happen to me as often these days, but this was a morning where depression hit me again. As in the past I resigned myself to accept it and wait until it passed over, but then something changed about noon.

Just before lunch I was still feeling depressed but I had a sudden burst of energy. This 284 pound man was shaking his booty as he prepared tuna salad for lunch. Guess what? Suddenly I found myself feeling a little better.

After lunch I didn’t feel like going out for a walk but I still had some energy in me. I had talked with my pdoc about dancing to lose weight but hadn’t really done it much, but this time I put on some old disco music and proceeded to knock all the plaster off the ceiling of my downstairs neighbors.

It was fun, good exercise and I feel much better now. In fact, if it continues I’d rate myself as having a damn good day.

Everyone gets the blues. The difference is that it’s easy for people like me to allow the blues to take hold and drag you down into major depression. It’s one of the more difficult things to deal with when suffering from depression or bipolar. How do you determine that you have the blues and it’s ok as compared to major depression. I now believe one of the differences is whether you can dance with yourself around the apartment or not.

I’ve decided this will be the way I will monitor my feelings in the future. If I start to feel down I’ll get up off my ass and shake my thing and hopefully bring myself up again. If I can’t get my ass up or just can’t get into it then I probably am in the pits of depression. Still I can try and dance then anyway, but that’s easy to say today when I’m feeling up already.

Time to put my dancing shoes back on and shake my bon bon and then get ready for an appointment with my pdoc. Here’s a video you may enjoy and may get you a movin’ and a shakin’ too.

10 comments on Dancin’ with Myself

  1. ok… i’m dancing and rockin out and everyone else is asleep. Brad 🙂 I just love you! You always have just the right medicine at just the right time :)Oh… and… can we play a little ABBA later? I think Mamma Mia is needed to get out a bit too 🙂 shhhh don’t tell those music snobs we know in SL 🙂

  2. Great posts. I have been a depressive for 25 years and recently suffered a major depressive crash. Writing about my feelings has helped, especially with the crushing isolation, despair, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. All the best.www.strayblackdog.co.uk

  3. Reading this post came at the perfect time yesterday. I’m recovering from major depression and was having a down day, wondering if it was a down hill slide day. I got up in my office and danced. Things are looking up!

  4. I despise exercising, but I do love dancing and it really does assist in shedding pounds. Plus, it’s fun! Good to see you’re still blogging. The last time I visited you were considering the Blog’s future. I’m glad to see you still around :^)

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