Depression Has Struck Again

It’s probably the let down from the trip, but I’ve been having a real hard time being motivated to do anything the past couple of days. I just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. I think that’s what I’m going to do.

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  1. I don’t know it this helps or not, but after the great time with your daughter, it would be within the range of normal to become depressed. I hope that is all it is and doesn’t trigger a long depressive episode. Take care,CluelessP.S.-if you pull the covers over your head don’t forget some air pockets, so you can breathe. Just looking out for you, man!

  2. Sorry you’re all bummed out, Bradley! The trip took a lot of energy – in a good way – but a lot of energy nonetheless so I think it’s probably understandable you’d be right pooped now that you’re back trying to get your old routine going again. Sometimes travel shakes loose more than we expect. I reckon your idea of just curling up and hiding out for a bit is a good plan. Give yourself a bit of time to recuperate and hopefully you’ll be back on track soon =)

  3. I was worried this might happen my friend. Tis always the way with us, the higher we get the further we fall. Please be safe, and try to think on the pleasures you have just experienced.~Shiv

  4. Not unusual to slip into the abyss after such a good time, just remember if it gets too bad, seek help please….you know you are not alone. sending some mama bear hugs.

  5. As they say,”how’s that working for ya?” I do that occasionally it’s called the weekend for some of us.

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