Doing Better, Doing Worse

I still continue to struggle posting here on my  blog.  I’m so much better physically and mentally than I was during this blog’s early life.  Maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe artists, writers, etc. do their best work when life ain’t running so great.  I’d hate it if that is true.  I had sooo much fun with my blog previously, but now when I sit down to make a post it feels like someone reaching in my brain and slowly tearing pieces apart like cauliflower.

Life is good.  I’ve learned there is a better life through chemistry , for those who need it.  I think it’s important for others, who have been diagnosed with some type of mental illness, to see someone who has improved their life rather than wallowing in a downward spiral.  It’s for that reason that I want to keep pursuing bringing my blog back again. 

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