Fitness Update June 22, 2014

fitness update

Why a Fitness Update on a Bipolar Blog?

Medications can wreak havoc on the metabolism of those of us being treated for bipolar disorder or depression. 50 lbs is the typical amount gained by those who begin treatment. Therefore, I have begun this weekly fitness update for motivation. Motivation for those of you out there struggling with weight, and more specifically, motivating me.

Here is last week’s fitness update:

It was a tough week. Sunday was Fathers Day and Maurice and I drove up to visit his parents. The food is always good and plentiful there and I took full advantage of the opportunity to be a glutton, including two pieces of lemon cake.

Monday was our 7th year wedding anniversary so we went to our favorite restaurant, Farmstand in El Segundo. This is a restaurant that prides itself on being fresh and healthy, yet I chose what is probably the most fattening item on their menu – pasta with garlic cream sauce. Why? Well….because garlic cream sauce is in the name.

Seriously, the primary reason I get these fluctuating losses and gains is exercise. I have this idea in my head that it is perfectly okay to eat whatever I want on the weekend because I can burn it off the rest of the week. Some weeks I’m absolutely correct. I get my exercise in and on Saturday mornings when I get on the scale I find I’ve lost. Other weeks I don’t get enough exercise in and I gain. I’ve been working this 1 – 4 lb. yoyo for a long time now.

The only way to move past this is if I track my food intake and stay within a range that is healthy. Continue to exercise as much as I can. If I do the two together I will be able to watch the weight melt off my body. It’s what I did before and, if I’m going to get back to losing weight, I’m going to have to do it again. It’s not rocket science – it really is that simple.

The Statistics

Original Maximum Weight: 303 lbs
Goal Weight: 160 lbs
This loss/gain this week: +1.8
Total loss so far: -44.4
Current weight: 259

For Those Familiar With Weight Watchers :

Total Daily PP Allowed: 48
Weekly PP: 49 Weekly PP Used: -12
Weekly Activity Earned: 25 pp

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  1. I agree, losing weight is a real battle with some of the medications the doctors throw at us. I’m in a mode where I’ve half-given-up the battle. I realize it is possible to eat healthy and exercise, but why does that other barrier have to be there? And why does that barrier seem to be the key to any sort of mental health? Gah!

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