Friday Review – Mental Health Humor & Cartoons

If you’re looking for another website that looks at mental health in a humorous light then you don’t want to miss Chato Stewart’s blog, Mental Health Humor and Cartoons. While Chato always has a daily cartoon, I’ve never found one of them offensive or demeaning. He has a different style than mine. First of all he is light-years ahead of me in quality of drawing. Secondly, his cartoons tend to be lighter and sillier than mine, which likely will make them friendlier to those who might be easily offended by humor about mental health. The last fact about his cartoons is they are always funny. Below is a recent one that I enjoyed.

Chato is very generous, in that all his cartoons are free to use on your blog as long as you link back to his site and are non-profit. This can really add some quality to your blog and is especially good for those days that you are having writer’s block.

I’ll end this review with a quote by Chato, that sums it up for me as well: “Let use laughter not only to hide our feelings but instead to validate our joy and as we all work on our recovery.”

7 comments on Friday Review – Mental Health Humor & Cartoons

  1. Thank you Bradley, I really like your witty cartoons too, I also love the underlying angst for our mental health “condition”.It is fun to see others doing cartoons from “OUR” point of view. Letting others walk a few steps in our shoes, but using humor to make our point. I think this can help with reducing stigma too.Once again I thank you for recognizing the cartoons. Also for validating my firm belief that healing with humor can help with maintaining our recovery. Chato

  2. @ ck and Clueless You’ll find plenty more as funny on his blog. Be sure to check him out.@ Chato It’s comforting to know someone else out there has the same philosophy as I.

  3. Bradley, It is so good to be back and reading your posts. I share your feelings about humor and would not be able to make it if I were serious all the time. Thanks, Annie

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