Fun Friday: With The Westboro Baptist Church

I never thought I’d ever post a video of members of the Westboro Baptist Church because it’s funny, but here it is. It just took the right person to interview them.

3 comments on Fun Friday: With The Westboro Baptist Church

  1. Thanks for sharing this! Russell did an incredible job with them. These Westboro idiots drive me crazy

    1. Russell did handle it very well. The thing I found that made me uneasy is how normal these guys seemed, especially the one who did most of the talking.

      1. When I worked at the paper in Gastonia, I learned that the grand dragon of the KKK lived nearby. He owned a local corner gas station and his kids were in the public schools. I have no idea if I ever ran across him. From what I understand he looked and seemed pretty normal on the outside. Seems kind of crazy that someone with that much hate and twisted morals can be part of mainstream society (both the KKK and Westboro). With my job I get to meet a lot of people, a lot of people who are not like me. Some I wish I could be more like, but some, I thank God that I am not anything like them.

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