Happy Indepence Day!

Peace and Joy to everyone across the world!

For those in the U.S.A. here’s a blast from the past:

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  1. Happy 4th. Hey, have you been to my site the last three days. I’ve been doing the Schoolhouse Rock thing. Take a look. I did this one earlier. Today is different than yours. 🙂

  2. Alright! As a Social Studies teacher, I still use these with high school students. They love them! Only in America! Happy Birthday to us baby!! /hoo

  3. @ blue and all. Have a great one too.@ clueless. I did check out your site. After I posted this one, I saw that you had already done so and considered taking it down, but then I just thought it was proof that great minds think alike.@ bigd. I remember being in class when an older teacher was about to teach us the Preamble to the Constitution. When she said that we all broke into song “We the people, in order to form….”She couldn’t believe it and said that she was thrilled that something so wonderful was on tv.

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