How Is Bradley’s Diet?

What have I been eating? Every damn thing in sight. And of course, I have a brilliant excuse for every one of them. I’m a firm believer of not taking responsibility for my own actions. Why would anyone do so? The mania and depression combined lately had definitely not helped.

Thursday was the big Graduation party for my niece at a fancy seafood restaurant – I have to participate in the festivites; on Friday Maurice was given a large bag of cookies from a client so we had to eat those – wouldn’t want to appear ungrateful for a gift; of course; I can’t remember what it was Saturday, but I remember it wasn’t so good – if I can’t remember it doesn’t count, I’m sure that’s the rule, and on Sunday I ate ice cream at church for all the Dads for Fathers Day and then Maurice and I went out for more ice cream later – it was Father’s Day after all. We’ve all heard “Fat and happy.” Well, today I’m feeling fat and not so damn happy about it.
Today I got up for my morning walk and what a chore that was. I was bloated and my body just felt blah. (I’m sure blah is an official medical term, btw). My goal is to now get back on eating healthier today. I see my pdoc today but I’m not going down the hall to try the scale. I know it’s not something I want to see.

I see my pdoc today, so I hope I can find out why I’m having such a roller coaster time right now. I’m sure it means another med change of some…..AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

The big news!!! Marriage Equality starts tomorrow in California. Finally, this state will not consider me to be “less than”, I’m overwhelmed with excitement. Amidst all this craziness I organized a support line with t-shirts and signs from our church, showing our support. We are sure there will be plenty of protesters so we wanted to be sure people knew that many churches support this.

Off to do some finalizing for tomorrow. If there are no posts for awhile then you know I was arrested.

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  1. I’m having eating issues, too. Not sure if I’m depressed or mixed. My anxiety is growing, though, and that’s a sign of mixed.Anywho–have fun at the “rally”. You get them, Bradley! How ingenious of you to get it all organized!Chica

  2. I agree with Shiv. An actual nutritionist would help. By the way, “blah” is both an official medical and psychiatric term and is the phrase “your messed up.”

  3. Good advice, Shiv. I’ve been through most of it before and gradually grew it all back over the years.One of the biggest problems I have right now is I can only eat microwaveable dinners. Last two times I tried to cook I almost burnt the house down because of my being distracted so easily. I do make sure I only buy meals that are lower in calories, fat and salt. No, John, I haven’t had to screen any responses yet except for some spam recently in the comments section. It’s because of the spam that I added the requirement to put in a password to keep the buggers away. I hope it doesn’t reach the point that no comments can post without my prior approval.

  4. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about this for a bit actually. Have you had any proper advice on diet? And I’m not talking Atkins or whatever celebrity diet is popular at the moment, but a qualified nutritionist. It’s well worth it!I’m horribly overweight myself now but about two years ago I lost twenty kilos in two months. How?~Exercise every day, with an exercise plan. I would challenge myself each day to run a little faster, or row a little further in ten minutes. A proper gym is great for all this because all the equipment has all the readouts~Eating five meals a day. Yes,that’s right, five meals. By eating small meals five times a day you are keeping your metabolism going at peak levels~stop all sweets, coffee, fried food, and other unhealthy foods. Just stopped them completely for the duration of my diet~kept one thought in mind: “eyes on the prize” no matter how bad the pain of exercise, the urge to snack on sweets, or the desire to pig out, this thought put me back in my place. I thought about how proud I would be at the end of it.~Set targets and milestones. Each 5kg was a major milestone that I was intensely proud of. I made a note of these milestones in my diary and did something nice for myself.You can do it my friend. If I did, you can too! I have the worst willpower and motivation in the world!~ShivP.s. Congrats on marriage equality!

  5. Brad don’t give up hang in there. Be patient and take good advice.Love, Dr.Johnp.s. do you screen the obnoxious responses?

  6. Good luck with the diet. So many of us struggle with this issue, it’s become a univesal USA problem. Yesterday was one day. Minor setback. You made me look this up, so now, you have to watch this, too. :)Put one foot in front of the other

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