I Feel Truly Honored

Psych Central has awarded me as one of the top ten bipolar blogs of 2008. Their review of my blog can be found here, along with their reviews of the nine other recipients.

A special shout out to my friends Susan and Chica. Susan of Wellness Writer who made the top ten list and Chica of Bipolar Chica “Conversations in my Head” who received an honorable mention. You’re both top winners in my book.

This put a smile on my face for the day.

14 comments on I Feel Truly Honored

  1. Congratulations Bradley, you have put a lot of yourself into this blog, and I hope you can reap some of those rewards and savor this moment now!Yours truly,Stan

  2. My heartfelt congratulations on your richly deserved award! It is so encouraging to be acknowledged. You have put so much of your time and self into this blog, and this is a great sign of how many people you have touched.Look forward to reading more of your blog, Dano.

  3. Bradley, It is certainly an honor that you deserve to be on the Top of Blogs. I not only enjoy your blog but benefit from your work! Annie

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