I’m a Travelin’ Man…

Last week I listed all the jobs I’ve had in my life and I figured I’d follow it up today with all the places I’ve lived. In Alcoholics Anonymous my actions would be referred to as “Geographics”. That means I’d move in hopes that all my problems would go away. Being the good little alcoholic I am, in addition to having bipolar disease, I moved a few times here and there in hopes of finding a land of sunshine, daisies and lollipops. Unfortunately when you move you keep all your shit in the trunk.

It’s not too extensive of a list, but here, at the risk of offending many, is my list of places I’ve lived as an adult:

Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina: If racism, poor education, and tobacco spitting are your cup of tea then this area is the place for you. The Klan was practically a social club in my high school. Things did get better as the years progressed and more outsiders moved into the area. I hear it’s changed dramatically these days. It’s still my understanding that if you drive outside the three major cities of Greensboro, Raleigh or Charlotte that it’s still like stepping back into the 1940’s. Remember, this is the state that kept Jesse Helms in office for years and years. It is a very pretty state, though.

Omaha, Nebraska: You’re probably going to assume I have lots of bad things about this sleepy Midwestern city, but that’s not true. Sure, Omaha is not a gay mecca, nor is it the action hot spot of the U.S., but this family oriented city has plenty of charm. It does happen to be in a very red, right wing state though and that’s a big negative in my opinion.

Phoenix, Arizona: Moved here to get away from the snowstorms. Despite having tennis shoes melt as I walked down the sidewalk, this is still my favorite place I ever lived. Traffic is terrible, dust storms would fill my pool with mud and the polution is very bad, however, I love the beauty of the desert. Also, I love the fact that you can be in the heart of the city and 30 minutes later it’s like being in the middle of nowhere.

Las Vegas, Nevada: This is the first city I really didn’t like. Everything that makes the city fun and exciting to visit, makes it absolute hell to live there. Seeing people spending their paychecks playing slots at the supermarket on Sunday mornings was just too damn depressing to me.

Stockton, California: This is by far the worst city I ever lived in. The only nice thing I can say about it is that it is only 80 miles from San Francisco. Take the worst inner city ghetto, move it to farm country and you’ve got Stockton. As the manager of our operation, I didn’t enjoy fires in the bathroom after employees emptied their hot crack pipes into the trash. I couldn’t wait to leave.

Los Angeles, California: Leaving Stockton and moving to LA County was one of the better decisions I’ve made. I’ve lived all over this city, including Studio City, Brentwood, and Hollywood. Currently I live in the Los Angeles South Bay which is not far north from Long Beach. Once home to artist communities, most of the bungalows have been torn down and replaced by big homes and condos for yuppies, yet it still has kept some of it’s sleepy area charm. Being so close to the beaches are a big plus too. Despite what you hear about Angeleno’s, in my community people actually say hello to you when they pass you on the street.

We don’t know where we’re going to end up next. Maurice and I are both tired of living in cities and are considering finding a smaller community in Northern California. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Northern California around the Bay Area is extremely expensive. However, central and way north of the Bay Area is less expensive. It is so expensive out here for everything. Keep in mind that the smaller area that you live in the less likely that you will have good options for health care. Check that out before you move…some areas might be better and less crowded.

  2. @clueless Yes, it’s expensive up there, more than LA which is ridiculously high. We’re looking at a 4 – 5 year plan for moving and hopefully can afford it by then.@Alan It is interesting how AA meetings and terminology can be a little different in various regions.

  3. A little wherever you go there you are ‘eh? As for nice places in Northern California – the Bay Area is a good bet, though pricey as Clueless says. Places like San Mateo and Pacifica are really beautiful, safe and comfortable. I really love Santa Barbara, too. That’s one place I could have happily lived – easy lifestyle there. Really comfortable, beautiful area.

  4. Are you sure you’re not my twin from another mother, Bradley? heheI’ve ambled around trying to lose myself too… NC, FL, NY, CA, VA. Funny, where ever I go, I’m still there. Luckily I can drag my sobriety with me now. I’m going to try to stay here in VA, though. Not much point in running away just to find me elsewhere. Sort of wish I was closer to that beach, though.

  5. How about Connecticut ? Granted it’s no California but it’s..ummmmmm hmmmmmmm (I’m not sure)Anyway, I have a question for you. I hope you don’t mind. I figured I’d ask considering you’ve given me such great advice before. Okay, I have this woman at work whom is nothing but a spiteful b*tch. She does everything and anything in her power to try and make me miserable. I really don’t think anything has ever been provoked for I don’t recall ever doing anything to her at all. She continuously makes snidey comments and remarks and basically makes working unbearable. Do you have any suggestions?

  6. @immi Looks like we both started in NC. It’s a good place to be FROM@michelle And I finally learned that the place to be happy is right here with me.@dani Wow. I’m honored. That’s a tall order. Much more than the small advice I’ve given you before. Let me give it some thought while I ponder the idea of Connecticut.

  7. 12-step meetings also vary meeting to meeting, city to city. When I was in Overcomers (Christian based 12 step), I went to five different ones before I found one that suited me. Painful process…one was really bad. I left feeling, so bad about myself. But, I believe there is always one suitable for someone, but not perfect.

  8. I have mixed feelings living here in Omaha. It is a good place to live, no doubt about that. But….the whole red state, conservative thing is a bit much for me. I read letters to the editor and it makes my head burst into flames. But, I’ve lived in worse places and Las Vegas was one of them. Of course, that being where my bottom took place was actually a blessing, so how bad is it really? :-)Great post Brad, and nice to see we share two cities in common!

  9. Hi BradleyI am currently living in northern part of California in the mountains. Very remote and urban areas here, surrounded by Redwoods. I would agree with clueless about the quality of medical care in areas like this. Its pretty and nice and quite. Strangers say hello on the streets here too. Availability of jobs is poor though.

  10. Bradley–I could relate to what you said about the ‘geographical changes.’ I used to do that all the time–the problem with doing that is that I could never move away from me! I was always there, no matter where I went. I enjoyed your post very much. Melinda

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