I’m Brillante!

Even though I have said no more MEME’s, my friend Stephany gave me one and that’s AOK with me. I have a lot of respect for Stephany and her blog Soulful Sepulcher, so I’m going to let her slide on this.

On Soulful Sepulcher, Stephany offers something for everyone. You’ll find updates on medical research, poetry, random thoughts and pleasant words from her garden. There’s something for everyone and she’s high on my list of blogs I read daily. Thank you Stephany for breaking my rules and offering this reward.

Now I’m suppose to pass this award on to seven others. I’m going to steal da Old Man’s idea of limiting the number that I pass it on to. It’s just too hard to narrow it down to seven. Instead I’m going to pass it on to a good blogging friend of mine, Kimala and her blog reSLience.

Kimala’s blog is full of her exciting and silly times while she is in the virtual world of Second Life. If you’re not familiar with Second Life, then read her blog and you’ll get an idea of how fun it can be.

If you’re not interested in Second Life, then don’t worry, Kimala has plenty more to offer. This working mom also shares about her life, her kids, her husband, and more. Her writing skills are excellent and she never fails to draw me into her tales.

Do yourself a favor and check out reSLience. I’m glad I did.

7 comments on I’m Brillante!

  1. Thanks for letting me bend the rules Bradley. You never fail to encourage and make me laugh, (which I always need, is a good laugh or smile)and also tug at the heart with your struggles and I think one of my fav posts of yours is your description of the donut calling your name. You also inspire me not to give up on weight loss goals due to your enthusiastic dedication and perserverence attaining your goal.:)

  2. AWWWW Bradley!! That means so much to me! 🙂 You don’t even know how much!I was just thinking this a.m. I was in a blogging rut and then you go and do this :)*hugs and big thank yous*

  3. Hi there, I was wondering if you knew of a blog about a teen living with bipolar. I’ve done search after search and still can’t find one. All I can find is a bunch of medical may ham. I was wanting the truth from a teen perspective. Chronic Chick Talk

  4. @chronic chick I don’t know of any blogs about a teen, but below are a couple of resources for you. They are teen peer discussions and may be a good start for you. I also know there are some bipolar and depression groups on myspace. I don’t know the ages of the members, but it might be another good place to start. Good luck on your search.-Bradleyhttp://www.teencentral.net/?gclid=CNTdrqihqpQCFQKaFQodHEFWtghttp://www.golivewire.com/peer-support.cgi

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