I’m Still Here And Doing Okay

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I’ve gotten a couple of emails concerning where I’ve been. Researching and writing the novel is taking a lot of my time. As I’ve said before, I’m trying to find balance so that I can do both.

I’m not much of a tv watcher (except for The Walking Dead) so I don’t know why this has been such a struggle. I hope to soon be able to balance things so that I can work on the novel during the day and at night to write a blog post now and again. I’m just still not there, yet.

In the meantime, the anthology, Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor is scheduled to be released on April 7th. A short story I submitted will be included. It’s priced at only $12.99 and the Kindle version will only be $3.99. The cool thing is that all contributors have agreed to donate some of their proceeds to charity. Mine will go to NAMI South Bay, which is located here in the Los Angeles Beach cities. I’ll keep you updated once the book is released.

I’ve got lots of great ideas for posts so I hope to be posting more soon. Thank you for hanging on.

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  1. yours is one of the 1st blogs I followed. I was wondering where you were. Hmmmm Walking Dead LOL maybe you can answer there question…. I missed a few episodes because I failed to stay awake for them. When I was able to stay awake, I noticed Carl was missing from 2 in a row. Where did he go? what happened to him? I know he cannot be dead as if anyone survives, it will be him. Come visit my blog someday. I just started it and could use advice. I survive life through humor not just mental illness..

    1. Thank you for following, EmWell. I’ll be sure to check out your blog.

      Carl is fine. He’s hardly been shown since the group arrived in the safe (for now) environment of Arlington. Mostly they’ve shown him in the background hanging out with other kids his age or having take care of baby Elizabeth.

      They did have a brief storyline with him and a girl, who I presume will become his first girlfriend. They left the compound and wandered around the forest, but I can’t remember why.

      I’ve missed seeing story arcs around Carl and hope they do something more with him soon.

      1. wicked cool and thanks so much lol no one would tell me about Carl and bam you mention the show. I felt really bad about falling asleep those few weeks. I thought I was a diehard fan until that happened. I will admit not liking the 1st half of the season may have helped me sleep a bit. 🙂
        During last weeks show I fell asleep twice. I am horrified to admit that, but I do like honesty.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you are fine and happily writing away. I do miss your blog and am looking forward to when you get things worked out. However, I am thrilled you are fulfilling your dream and writing up a storm. Have a blessed Easter.

    1. Thank you, Journey. It’s a good feeling to be missed. I hope to be back at it sooner rather than later. A wonderful Easter to you as well.

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