It Calls To Me…

The picture above, that I used for my header, was taken at Hermosa Beach, California. This is where you’ll find me three or four times a week. My profile pic was taken at some rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean near our home. The vast majority of the time I’m at the beach you’ll see me mid morning walking along the strand. I try to walk at least thirty miles a week and most weeks, if I go to the beach, I surpass that. I get the joy of being near the ocean and a great cardio workout at the same time.

But why the ocean? I’m not sure really, but it calls to me. Apparently there’s something in my blood. It’s Hereditary. Three of my uncles were at Pearl Harbor during the attack in 1941. My father, who was the youngest of his siblings was a navy man also. He was frustrated when he enlisted because the navy chose to send him to school in Oklahoma. He was finally deployed on the USS Ajax towards the end of World War II.

After the war was over one of my uncles became a yacht captain for most of his life. Another uncle chose to live a life at sea, sailing around the Pacific for thirty years. He and his wife lived off of her family inheritance and from her writing. When asked what they would do in an emergency since they chose not to have a radio on board, my uncle responded “I guess we’ll drown.”

My father continued his love for the ocean. He and Mom stayed in Los Angeles for a number of years after his retirement from the military. Failing in the restaurant business they moved back to their home state of Michigan. Seven babies later my parents moved us all to California during the 1960’s. He would spend most of his time hanging out at the docks “networking.” After learning a hard lesson, that a recession is not a good time to pursue a career in real estate, off we were back to Michigan again. After retiring my father lived in a house in South Carolina, just a few blocks off the beach.

After my ex-wife and I married, my father suggested that we take it easy and live on a boat for a few years. We were too practical for that. Twenty years later, I sometimes wonder if we should have followed my fathers advice.

On Monday I will continue with this story with more info about my love of the sea.  Until then, would you have taken my fathers advice and chosen to live on a boat for a few years? Did I miss the opportunity of a lifetime?

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  1. That is a very interesting story! You do seem happy on the beach, but I am glad you didn’t live on a boat, I would never of met you!

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