It’s All About Me

When I first started this blog I created a list of things so people would have a quick understanding of who I am. Since I have many more readers since then, I figured it was time to run the list again with a few changes here and there:

Do you have a nickname?
Yes, my real name is just Brad, but my friends call me Bradley, hence, the name of this site.

What’s your hair color?
It’s brown, but I shave it. My beard is has flecks of brown, black and red. There’s also a lot more white in there than I’m happy with.

What’s your eye color?
Blue – my best asset

Sexual orientation?
I’m gay, though I’m starting to use the term “queer” more.

Mental Health Backgound?
Diagnosed with major depression in 1997. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in December 2007

What you current weight?
285 lbs

How’d the diet go recently?
Oh hell it’s been terrible recently. A huge dinner at a graduation party on Thursday night and way too many cookies last night.

September 28, 1963

Marital Status?
Happily married to the man of my dreams.

Democrat or Republican?
Democrat for Obama all the way

Unitarian Universalist with Buddhist leanings. Being a UU is an important part of my life. You can find out more about UU at

Do you believe in God?
Yes and no. I don’t believe in the old man on the throne passing judgment. When I refer to God I’m referring to more of a force that permeates the universe.

Any piercings?
One ear

Any tattoos?

Dog or cat person?
Cats. They are fun to cuddle, but are independent enough to not get upset when you shoo them. Dogs are fun to play with but are too codependent. I love other peoples dogs.

What is your greatest regret in life?
I don’t have many. Even the worst decisions and situations I view as experiences and lessons in life. The only regret I have is not spending enough time with my daughter up to now.

Are you pro-life?
Of course I am. I’m certainly not pro-death. I do happen to be pro-choice.

Do you support the death penalty?
An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous?
When I was in better shape I was told I looked like the professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Personal pet peeve?
That everyone is walking around talking or texting on the cel phones these days.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
An otter. Play all day and eat food off my tummy sounds pretty damn good to me.

How many siblings do you have?
I’m the youngest of seven.

What’s your favorite sport?
Didn’t I say I was gay? I do think baseball players look really hot in their uniforms, though.

What would you do if you won a million dollars?
I’d buy my ex wife a nice house for her and my daughter. After that I’d travel, travel, travel.

Favorite TV Show?
I watch virtually no television, so I’ll list the only two I watch: LOST and Samantha Who? Now that summer hiatus has started I will likely be watching no tv at all.

What’s the one thing you can’t say no to?
Sex. Well, actually I can say no, but my hubby knows how to push my buttons to the point I can’t resist.

Have a great weekend. Blessed be.

Hard to give a number on the mood chart because I’m hypomanic (manic and depressed simultaneously). I’ll give it a 7 on the manic side since determining the depressed side is a bit harder for this day.

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  1. Thanks for repeating this. We do have something else in common. I love sea otters. I’ve been collecting them since junior high school…we know how long ago that is. My husband used to call me an otter because I would watch television on my back and eat. Can’t do that now…feel a little bit of acid reflux…damn age thing!! But, I could watch them for hours. I love how they play, eat and how maternal they are. They only have one pup at a time and stay with it constantly for one year. Let’s go eat…whack, whack (you get it?)

  2. Great post Bradley…while I enjoy reading this kind of post about others I’m not one to put myself out there…:0)I like the way you mentioned your ex and your daughter…niceHappy Fathers Day!Cheers

  3. I realize Fathers Day can be a difficult day for many just as Holidays are. Please have a good meeting and have a laugh and smile for me!Love, Michelle’s Dad

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