Mr. David Tony’s Generous Offer

I received an incredible email today from David Tony in Kent. He is offering that we split £230,000.000.00. Well, he is being a little greedy. I only get 45%, but what a deal.

He explains that this money was secretly placed/deposited for an Investment before the late holder died and none of his families or relatives knows about this money, so it’s discovered during an annual audition. He doesn’t really go on to explain how I can help him with this, but he does say he will not fail to bring to my notice that this transaction is hitch-free and I should not entertain any fears as the required arrangements have been made for the completion of this transfer.

He asks if he can trust me on this. Trusted and capable to handle this business with me in full confidence & trust.

To complete this transaction all I need to do is supply a lot of personal information, as well as my full banking coordinates.

I must say the British are extremely generous. This seems much less complicated than the deal that woman in Nigeria is offering.

My email is coming, Tony. I look forward to buying a new house with the £103,5000.000.00 I’ll be receiving.

7 comments on Mr. David Tony’s Generous Offer

  1. Hey, after you collect the dough, just remember I’m a crazy mom with a jazillion kids in desperate need, ok?:)

  2. It so weird you get phishing e-mail (purporting to come) from Kent. I thought the whole point of the scam was that it came from a shady account in some secretive country and was at risk of falling into the hands of infidels!But it must be flattering to know how far you’re reputation as a good guy proceeds you.

  3. Tony’s a pretty generous guy. The reason you’re only getting 45% is that I’m getting 45%, too. He just keeps giving and giving. After you get the money, maybe you could help that lady in Nigeria out, too. That’s what I’m doing with part of my 45%.

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