Dealing with some anxiety from earlier today. I Had a couple instances of vertigo for the first time in years. One was this morning at the beach where I fell down on the strand and had to pull myself up via a short brick wall. When I got home, I walked straight through the front door and fell forward knocking down a chair a table and my laptop all laying in a heap with me on top. Fortunately nothing broke.

Not wanting to be a drama queen, I would love to just shake this off, but I was incurring these types of incidences during the same time I was having seizures. I hope, for whatever reasons these came back, that they quietly move on.

I really need a break.

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  1. Oh no – that’s scary. Did you have enough to eat and drink? Maybe it’s dehydration after exercise on a warm day? Hopefully … Glad the weekend is coming up so that you’ll have someone nearby in case it happens again. Hugs.

    1. Well fed and saturated. Back when the vertigo was happening regularly, we never did find out why. Also, never found out why I was having seizures. They just vanished so the doctors never could say why.

      1. How scary…

        I had a few incidents where I passed out, had a seizure, and woke up in different places, after walking while blacked out. I think I talked about one of them when the YRUUs talked about scars … that was definitely the worst – woke up with a hole under my lip and cut under my chin – each time just standing during the day. Well fed and hydrated, and the docs never figured those out either. Fortunately they were each several years apart, so I didn’t have to deal with it on a frequent basis so that I got scared, and each time I knew when it was about to happen – my vision would just wash away and I’d collapse. So strange what our bodies can put us through ….

        I hope this was just a one off and you don’t have to deal with it frequently again. Or if you do, I hope this time they are able to figure it out…


      2. OMG, Alana, those must be horrifying. When I have a seizure it feels like I’ve blacked out for hours, however, they only last a few seconds.

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