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  1. I couldn’t resist. Growing up in the Midwest we thought the Brady’s were the coolest. They lived in California after all and their house was so groovy. When I moved here to LA I went for a walk and to my surprise there was the Brady House right around the corner from where I lived.It’s changed a lot over the years on purpose, but you could tell it was it clear as day.Hate to spoil anyones bubble, btw, but the interior on television wasn’t even remotely close to the real one. Not even physically possible.

  2. How groovy to live around the corner, but having lived in So. Cal. my whole life and a Brady fan I know that it was only used for the exterior opener and that was it. Most of the rest soundstage!!

  3. Hey, that’s who my family is modeled after, the Brady’s. lol (ya right, the Brady’s on crack maybe). The site looks awesome…

  4. I can’t think of anytime the exterior was used except to show the car drive in and out. Most disappointing of all was to find out the upstairs window doesn’t exist. They only put it there to make it look two stories. *sigh*

  5. Hey, what about the astroturf backyard? Is that still there? With the sliding door into the house? How cool that you live around the corner from the Brady house! I’d just have to go throw a football around on that astroturf! Or maybe make an exploding volcano on the patio…but I wasn’t a fan…HA!

  6. Extremely cool. I used to work near the church used in the opening scene of the TV show Ed. That was exiting to me. I would go crazy if I lived near the Brady house.

  7. My speakers don’t work and I’ve got to study for a test.Love you as usual!Michelle’s Dad

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