Seven Facts About Bradley

Lea at Ocean of Perspectives has tagged me to list seven facts about myself. While I’ve listed facts about myself before I found this one interesting because the format is different, so here it goes:

Most of my career has been working in the hotel industry managing large reservation call centers. Currently I’m unemployed on disability due to my mental health.

I’ve attended some college, mostly studying Graphic Design and later English.

I prefer a few close friends over a large number of friends. Currently most of my friends are from my church.


I’m divorced once. Currently married to Maurice who I adore.

I weigh 282 pounds so I’m grossly overweight but working on it. Currently walk every morning and getting better at it.

Youngest of 7 children. 5 boys and 2 girls. Both parents and 1 brother have passed away. Of the remaining 6 children, we all live in different states.

Spend more time with my daughter by moving closer to her. To work full time as a web designer.

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  1. I’ve mentioned this before, but your one panel comics are hilarious. It is a great talent to be able to sum up so much in so few words.

  2. Your cartoon was great…I bet some psychiatrists think like that after trying so much. But, I absolutely loved getting to know more about you. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Bradley,I loved the cartoon and laughed aloud. It would seem like you are moving toward your goals in every way. Maybe, while you’re on disability you can take some graphic design classes. I’m semi-retired and am taking two classes at my local community college (to pursue my hobbies of photography and music) and can’t believe how great they are!Personally, I would smash the scale, but that’s just me!Susan

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