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Homeless Tour – Throwback

This Weeks Throwback is from December 19, 2013 Here in Los Angeles we have tours of the stars homes, celebrity death tours, tours of the artwork in subway stations, Hollywood Forever cemetery tours, Universal Studio Tours, and many, many more. I, however, would be happy to give you a free tour that is both interesting […]

Another Depression Breakthrough?

If there was a depression breakthrough, and I could be cured, would I take the opportunity? That may sound like a ridiculous question. Of course, you’re probably thinking. Who wouldn’t want to be cured? It may seem easy, but I’m not sure. Yes, the manic stages are maddening and can get me in a lot […]

Mothers Day

I wrote this tribute to my mom in May 2008.It’s all still true 8 years later It wasn’t easy growing up in my household. I don’t remember my dad at home much and moms moods were unpredictable. I’m not sure what was wrong with Mom mentally, but I know she was frequently depressed. Sometimes she’d […]


When I was a kid I suffered from boredom all the time. The laundromat was hell on earth. I’m the youngest of seven kids, so you can imagine that a large part of my mom’s life, and therefore mine, was spent at the laundromat. The hours seemed excruciatingly long. The thrill of watching clothes swirl […]

Depression Is Back

I’m going to do something today that I rarely, if ever, have done before. I’m doing a post about how I feel now. Right this minute. So, here it goes – I feel like shit. It’s day five of debilitating depression and I’m sick of it. I’ve only showered every two days. Earlier in the […]

Laughter and Bipolar Disorder

Laughter and Bipolar Disorder To me, Bipolar Disorder is a serious disease that is taken too seriously. I love to laugh. I mean really love to laugh. What makes me laugh? I like slapstick, dark humor, children’s jokes, knock-knock jokes, dirty jokes, puns and more. You know what else I love to laugh at? Jokes […]

Procrastination and Depression

Every day, the most common search terms that brings people to my blog are Procrastination and Depression, or Procrastination and Bipolar Disorder. Without fail, they’re the terms googled the most. As a result, the most frequented page that is viewed on this blog is a January 2014 article I titled, “Procrastination, Lazy or Depression?” Most […]

Weekly Wrap-up

Last week I posted that every Monday I would review how things went the previous week. Here is my first Weekly Wrap-up. Mood I made a big mistake the other day. I didn’t knock on wood. Tuesday I posted an article titled Happiness, and I shared my good news that I had been stable for […]

My Crazy Bipolar Place

Monday’s suck for me. I usually have busy weekends (compared to many they would seem tame – but they are crazy for me.) By the time Monday comes around, I’m spent. Typically I go into a depressive state. A deep one. I’ve tried many things to work past it, such as cleaning house, getting outside, […]

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