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My Time Management Sucks

Where Does my Time Go? Hours in a day – 24 hours Sleep Time – 7 hours Novel Writing – 5 hours Blog Surfing – 2 hours Reading – 2 hours Miscellaneous Time Left – 8 hours Managing Sleep Time My time management sucks. The hours above are how I try to balance my day […]

Multi-Tasking is not my Style

I swore I wasn’t going to abandon this blog and I meant it, however, I haven’t posted anything in nearly two weeks. Does this mean I’m not sticking by my word? Nope. I’m just having difficulty adapting to the changes in my life. As usual, I’m having difficulty with my time management. As my regular […]

Time Management

My time management sucks! This is not a new topic here. I’ve posted several articles about this in the past. Just recently, as a matter of fact. As long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with time management. Habitually late, homework, essays, projects and reports all past due. I’ve always felt I had more things […]

Time Mismanagement

Philosophy class, Political Science class, volunteering ten hours a week; three blog posts each week, study six hours per week, seeking writing opportunities, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, dishwashing, psychiatrist visits, therapist visits. AAAAAAAAHHHH! I’m feeling damned overwhelmed. I watch students who take a full class load, plus work full time and get good grades. I […]