Multi-Tasking is not my Style

I swore I wasn’t going to abandon this blog and I meant it, however, I haven’t posted anything in nearly two weeks. Does this mean I’m not sticking by my word? Nope. I’m just having difficulty adapting to the changes in my life. As usual, I’m having difficulty with my time management. As my regular readers know, I’ve sung this song many times before. Apparently I’m just no very good at multi-tasking.

I have begun writing my first novel and I’m having a blast. Sure, it’s hard work and I’m sure that the second draft, and the third draft and a fourth draft-will all be just as difficult as the first. However, the feeling of elation to finally be doing something I believe I was born to do cannot be described. Amazing that it’s taken me 51 years to figure this out.
Part of my challenge with this blog has been coming up with topics to write about. As far as this blog goes, I’m having a horrible time with writer’s block. It seems I haven’t received an interesting press release in a very long time and attempting to come up with topics of my own have been fruitless. Could the novel is sapping me of creative mojo? I don’t know, but I’ll go with that for now. It’s as good of an excuse as any.

To my fellow bloggers out there, I apologize for not stopping by in a while. There are so many amazing blogs out there and I miss reading them. I expect to be visiting again real soon.

So no, I have not gone anywhere. Just me and my usual messed up self, trying to get my life together.
Thank you for popping in and I hope to have posts worthy of your time coming up real soon.

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell

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    1. Of course, Pam. I’ll be posting excerpts on this blog or another one, but that’ll a long, long time from now.

  1. Switching back and forth from fiction to nonfiction is hard. They require different mind-sets. I like to make a quick draft of possible titles and a line explaining the general idea and then saving it for later fleshing out (or ditching). You will probably experience some kind of lull in your fiction writing and can clear your brain by switching to blogging then. Don’t give up on either kind of writing if possible!

    1. I am surprised at how difficult it is switching between fiction and nonfiction is. I don’t plan to give up on either.

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