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Just a guy sharing the wacky world of bipolar disorder, the humbling experience of getting in shape and some random thoughts sprinkled in

I Just Want to Stick Around for Awhile

weight loss

On Saturday I went to Weight Watchers for my weekly weigh-in. I weighed 263 lbs. Based on past posts, many of you understand how frustrated, angry and disheartened I felt when I looked at that scale. My Weight Loss and Gains Here’s a quick history of my weight loss journey, which you can see in […]

Being a Bipolar Parent

polar bear family

Today’s post is by another one of my favorite bloggers, Iggy, whose blog is Color Me Bipolar Living with Bipolar Disorder is a pain in the ass. But add a family to that, and you have a whole different ball of wax to contend with. I am a married mom of 4. When I was […]

Trapped Inside My Own Mind

I published a post last week titled Trapped. It was a quick rant about how miserable I was feeling. I don’t rant very often on this blog. Today my intent is to share what I’m feeling, but hopefully in a more coherent way. I hope I succeed. Our President Elect I’ve made it clear since […]

Let’s Talk About Sex – Throwback

This weeks throwback is from November 2014 If you Google symptoms of mania there’s one thing you’ll find on nearly every list – sex. For example, the Mayo Clinic website states “Increased sex drive” as a symptom of mania. Webmd goes a step further and says “more and sometimes promiscuous sex.” Despite this simple fact, […]

Things I’ve Had to Let Go

Sometimes life just doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to you want it to. For instance, I’m supposed to have Bradley Cooper’s looks, and Bill Gates’ money. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I’m learning to accept that neither are, or will be, true. What can be harder to swallow are the hopes and […]

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