Wednesday’s Quote: Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss

“The worst thing for me about manic-depression is that it is simply free-floating. You can have no reason whatsoever, and yet you are in the depths of an inarticulatable sadness and grief and self-hatred. – Richard Dreyfuss

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  1. The horrible truth for me is that opiates always brought me joy, now I am in recovery and cannot partake in chemical happiness. There are certain psychiatric drugs that would really aid me but I cannot take them, addictive of course. I always remember hearing there is no chemical solution to a spiritual problem in AA meetings. I do not know the author of the qoute.

    1. I’ve been clean and sober for 14 years so I feel your pain. Knowing my addictive past, my doctor has refused to give me any opiates either. However, late last year I started having anxiety and panic attacks more frequently so I made a deal with him. I got him to agree to prescribe me 5 pills each month and I only use them when I feel the attacks coming on. It’s worked out well for me, in fact, most of the time I only take a 1/2 pill.

  2. Don’t be sad. You are not alone. I have been on some kind of med most of my adult life for depression. Finally got a correct Dx of bipolar with anxiety disorder. Almost ruined my marriage but working hard on preserving it now. Got on the right meds, good docs and therapy. I will be 70 in July and feel like a new woman! Don’t despair–if you feel overwhelmed now, remember–it WILL pass and you WILL feel good again!

  3. Well Bradley I am getting a bit frustrated now. Thought you were talking about yourself not Richard Drefuss. Now I think my comments got erased.I will stop now before I throw the computer across the room. Is it ok to make Bipolar jokes with other bipolars or not? I need a support group to tell me how to be bipolar.

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