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van Gogh

Most of my readers know my love for Vincent van Gogh. It’s been six months since I’ve written an article about him, so I decided it was time to dedicate another post. There’s a wonderful Youtube video at the end, but I’ve chosen to give a brief biography as well. It’s not a full biography, […]

Biology of Bipolar Disorder

While many of us know in our hearts, and minds, that bipolar disorder is the result of a chemical imbalance or some other dysfunction in the brain, each day I meet far too many naysayers online who insist it is a character defect. They use anecdotal information as proof that we are being spoon-fed disinformation […]

Bipolar Disorder: What is it?

I created a page on my blog explaining what bipolar disorder is. I decided, since there are many misconceptions, about bipolar that I would go ahead and reprint it as today’s article. Here is my quick and easy guide about bipolar disorder. I am not a physician and do not work in the medical profession. […]

Bathtub Anxiety

Please don’t judge, but I have one struggle that I deal with every day – taking a shower. Go ahead and say it, “Gross!” I must stress that I don’t have ablutophobia, which is the fear of showering. I have no fear, in the traditional sense, but I do hyperventilate a little before getting in […]

The Best Bench in Town: Being Homeless

Here in Los Angeles we have tours of the stars homes, celebrity death tours, tours of the artwork in subway stations, Hollywood Forever cemetery tours, Universal Studio Tours, and many, many more. I, however, would be happy to give you a free tour that is both interesting and practical. I can offer the Homeless tour. […]

Wednesday’s Quote: Jane Pauley

When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder the year I turned 50, it was certainly a shock. But as a journalist, knowing a little bit about a lot of things, I didn’t suffer the misconception that depression was all in my head or a mark of poor character. I knew it was a disease, and, […]

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