This Is Your Brain – Paying Attention

This is your brain
This is an excellent video that was posted on the Mayo Clinic website. While it may seem simplistic for those of us with bipolar disorder or depression, I think we’d be doing ourselves a disservice to scoff it off entirely. This is for those times when we have those moments of clarity or those times when we’re down, but still have some energy in us.

I believe medication saved my life, but its tools like this that enhance it. Enjoy.

Source: Mayo Clinic

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  1. Great video Brad. As frustrating as that would be to watch when one is depressed, I think it’s actually a really helpful diagnostic tool. If you try what the video suggests and you are still miserable – or even worse just thinking about doing it makes you want to crawl into a hole – it’s time to seek professional help of some kind. If you try it and it works then you can be pleased that your are doing pretty darn well.

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