The Orlando Tragedy

The following is from a Facebook post by my husband, Maurice

The Orlando TragedyDriving home from a beautiful weekend excursion in the San Bernardino mountains with my husband and my amazing church, I was feeling on top of the world. As we drove down the mountain and entered back in to cellular reception area, Brad’s phone started popping up all kinds of messages, and he said, “OH MY GOD!!!” I of course being concerned that something happened to someone we know, asked, “What?… What happened?!” His response was something I could not process at the time… “50 people had been slain at a gay bar in Orlando, FL.” I told Brad to stop reading, I couldn’t hear any more at that time. I was numb.

We went on with our day heading home from the mountains, stopping to get some dinner. I have to thank my wonderful husband for allowing me to pretend that the rest of the world did not exist, that we had just come from an amazing weekend, and there was nothing but joy and happiness in the world.

Now that we are back in the “real world”, I have still been trying to process the news that we as a society have let thousands of lives be lost to the actions (or lack of actions) of the people we put in place to represent us. I cannot and will not believe that we as a country have sunk so low that we are willing to continue to allow the senseless slaughter of thousands of children, LGBTQIA, … no, PEOPLE to continue! I’m angry, hurting, feeling helpless, and I will not give in to the stupidity, ignorance, hatred, and fear.

I have been fortunate enough to have an amazing family that loves and cares for me. I have been fortunate enough to know and love my grandparents on both sides of my immediate family (Mom’s and Dad’s). I have been fortunate enough to know and love my uncles and aunts from both sides of my immediate family. I have been fortunate enough to know and share great times with my extended family (2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins, granduncles and grandaunts, etc.). I have also been fortunate enough to find amazing life altering friendships with some truly awesome people. I have even been lucky enough to find and marry my best friend! He inspires me to be a better person every day. And, I am truly, deeply grateful for all of the blessings the universe has saw fit to give me. In spite of this (or because of this?), I find myself feeling angry.

A friend recently posted some beautiful words of wisdom about taking a day to let go of my anger, and allowing myself to grieve for the loss of life. Unfortunately, cannot “just for today”. I need my anger right now. I need it to drive me. I need it to put a fire under me, so that I can do everything I possibly can to prevent anyone else from losing another loved one for the sake of making another buck for the gun industry. “Just for today” will come, but this is not that day for me.

Sensible and reasonable gun control MUST become a reality in the USA, NOW! We must educate ourselves on what this means, then educate others by having some common sense dialogue with those that need to hear it, and put a fire under our elected officials to do what is right and sensible to make sure our families and friends are safe from these acts of fear, and if the officials are unwilling to do what is needed, we need to vote them out, and vote someone into their position that is willing to do so.
We are a nation that needs fixing, and no politician can fix this for us. WE THE POEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA need to stand up and say, “NO MORE!!!” No more hate of what is different. No more fear of our differences. No more allowing others to hate and hurt others while we stand idly by and do nothing. WE THE PEOPLE have the power, and together we can, and will, continue to change this world for the betterment of humankind, not the detriment of it!

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  1. My heart aches for those who died, were injured and their families. Also for the survivors who are now traumatized. I am outraged, tired and overwhelmed by all these horrible killings in our country and around the world. I messaged someone I know who lives in Orlando and she still hasn’t responded. She’s not listed among the dead but I don’t know if she is among the wounded. I don’t know if any she or any of her friends were at the club–I’m trying to convince myself she probably was not, but I just don’t know for sure. There is so much hate in this world but those people are outnumbered by good and loving people – we need to remember that. We are living in a different world than it was when we were kids. We need to stay alert and watch out for each other. I’ll never get used to this.

  2. So chilling. It’s up to us-those who are left-to use the emotions we experience to shine a light on the issues which mean the most to us. I’m really glad you mentioned still being angry. I also hope that Journey’s friend is okay. I am beyond thankful that the few friends of mine in FL are accounted for and safe and I hope the same is said for that person. This was definitely a terrible day in our history, but it looks like some beautiful moments of love are coming from it.

    1. I’ve can feel the same. Instead of ripping the gay community apart, this tragedy has bonded us together.

      Instead of ripping our country apart, this tragedy has bonded us all together. Let’s just hope we can make changes this time.

  3. Indeed, the good people of this nation need to stop standing by and letting the hate mongers control the national narrative. Though it’s a cliche, evil does seem to prevail when good people do nothing. We need to start being there for each other again, we need tolerance and a willingness to reach out. It’s time for positive ideas to be radicalized, to fight the evil radical ideas. We’re in a war of ideas!

  4. Very well written. It is about time for the people to stand up and say, “NO MORE!” It’s crazy to me that people actually fight against common sense when it comes to things like gun control.

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