Tigger Mania Is Back

After a month or more of being balanced Tigger Mania is back. Last week I experienced a slight jump but today is another story. I couldn’t sleep at all last night because of my mania and today I am completely nuts.

For those bloggers who I regularly read daily, don’t expect comments from me today. I’ve tried to read several but my mind is too damn racy to comprehend any of it. I’m having the same problem just writing this.

For now I’m going to go try and use this energy to get some things done. I’ll leave you with this video that shows how I’m feeling today.


8 comments on Tigger Mania Is Back

  1. I’m sorry Bradley. Please take care. You did it to me again, though! I was going to use this clip this weekend!!! They used to call me Tigger at one of my jobs because I would not stay at my desk and was generally cheerful once I woke up. I want that back. We also had an Eeoyre and a Rabbit. Once Rabbit found out what the character was like she wasn’t very happy, but then laughed and understood, so I made it my goal to bounce over to her desk just to bug her.

  2. I like your attitude and calling it Tigger Mania, knowing you can laugh at it and recognize it is a huge thing. My mom never recognizes when she hits the HIGHs or the LOWs. hang in there sweet one.

  3. My daughter’s favorite song in the world! she’s not the same person anymore, and just this last weekend as I took a walk w her, i sang this song to her. she used to love thinking “I’m the only one!” woo-hoo!I hope you don’t spring around too high, but thanks for the memory w this vid.((hugs)

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