Wednesdays Quote: Marya Hornbacher

“Soon madness has worn you down. It’s easier to do what it says than argue. In this way, it takes over your mind. You no longer know where it ends and you begin. You believe anything it says. You do what it tells you, no matter how extreme or absurd. If it says you’re worthless, you agree. You plead for it to stop. You promise to behave. You are on your knees before it, and it laughs.”
― Marya Hornbacher, Madness: A Bipolar Life

7 comments on Wednesdays Quote: Marya Hornbacher

    1. Yeah, it’s not the most positive thing I’ve ever posted, but I think it speaks to many of us. An understanding that there are others who are dealing with the same feelings.

      1. I’m so glad Bradley,,,thanks for sharing the way we all feel sometimes 🙂

  1. It’s funny- I wrote something very similar in my journal the other day. It’s weirdly comforting to see it written by someone else, too.

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