Wednesday’s Quote: Sadie Turner

“People often say “Just look for the silver lining.”  But what do you say to the person surrounded by fog?  They don’t see a fluffy object in the sky, blocking the sun for a moment or two.  But instead, they see everything as it was before, but through the murky, un-clarity of hopelessness.  As if they were standing at the bottom of a grimy lake except able to breathe.  But not wanting to because with each breath they grow numb from the cold loneliness.  What if they’re surrounded by a dreary blanket of darkness, made up of their own thoughts, too impenetrable for any light to break through?  So what do you tell that person who, as far as the eye could see, only sees fog?  A place where there is no silver lining peeking around the corner.  Imagine a place where your only companion is the confusion you walk around with.”

–  Sadie Turner


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  1. I would say to that person: Become your own light, and shine bright until the fog is no more. We cannot look towards others, or even towards silver linings, if we do not first believe in ourselves.

    1. You make a good point, Happy. I most certainly believe what you say is true for those who have the blues, are sad, or situational depression. it’s much more difficult for the clinically depressed and I dare to say nearly impossible for some.

      1. I believe what I say can be true for anyone who wants it to be true. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression myself, amongst other things, which is precisely why I make a point of doing what I do and saying what I say. “Much more difficult” and “nearly impossible” may be true, but it does not mean that they don’t deserve a try, and it certainly does not mean that they will fail. It just means that it’s going to take more support, more understanding, and more work. 😉 Just makes it that much more worth it. What has anyone got to lose?

        1. “What has anyone got to lose?” Absolutely nothing. I agree with you there. I didn’t mean to come across as a defeatist. I guess I just fear people trying it on their own. I know with all my heart that if I tried to go it alone that I would be dead today. I needed the therapy and med combination to help me. Now that I’m more stable, I’m much more open to alternatives, but I would keep a very keen eye on things.

  2. I love the positivity Catching Happy shared. (what else would you expect from someone with that name) 🙂 As someone with bipolar, rather than clinical depression, I need to practice self-care by not allowing myself to feel shame when someone says I can just choose to be happy, because that is just not the case with everyone. I am HAPPY for those who are able to “choose” to be happy. It sounds awesome and I do believe some people are capable of being their own light. When I’m in a good space and not experiencing bipolar depression, I can sometimes do that. yay me when that happens! But when I’m in a depressed bipolar state, that rarely if ever has happened. And that is understandable. It concerns me when happy people say being happy is a choice because for some of us, that simply is not the case. I don’t want to feel like something is wrong with me if I can’t flip that switch to happy by choice which is what happens when I hear someone tell me it’s that easy.

    I do want that to be true. Who wants to be depressed? No one I know. But wanting it to be true and being true are two different things.

    Great quote. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Man, what a quote to get the mind going.

    Bradley, there are people who have what I can ‘real depression’, and when they find themselves at the bottom of that pit, in the depths of the river or in that seriously dark place – they themselves can’t bring themselves ‘out of it’ until this darkness leaves them. I don’t have enough space here to fully explain, so I hope you understand what I mean.
    Sometimes we think that if we say nice things, think happy thoughts or have all the things life can offer, all will be well. That’s not the case at all. They truly can’t see the silver lining at all even if it was shining right in front of their eyes.

    1. I completely understand. A very wise minister once said about people who have depression “They’re not depressed because their lives are hell. Their lives are hell because they are depressed.”

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