Writers Block

I normally wouldn’t post that I have nothing to write about… but I do have something to write about and that would be my inability to write.  There have been days that its been difficult, but this has been more so.  I’m suffering from a case of good old fashioned writer’s block.  In addition to struggling here, I’ve also been asked to be a guest writer on another persons blog and I’m struggling with that as well.  That post is  probably 90% done and I still can’t seem to get it together to finish it.

As usual, when I have a challenge trying to write, I also have a problem reading.   That has been extremely frustrating lately.  I’m unable to read a book, I’m unable to read articles and I’m unable to read blogs.

None of this is new.  I’ve shared it all before… it just happens to be the space I’m in right now.

Btw, am I the only one who didn’t know that Richard Dreyfus came out of the bipolar closet last week?


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