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Wanna Guest Blog?

Guest blogger at old fashioned typewriter

I’m busy as hell trying to get some things off to a publisher and I’d hate to see my blog die from neglect. If you’re interesting in writing a guest blog for me, please send me a message on my contact page. The rules are that it has to deal with bipolar disorder, or other […]

Care to be a Guest Blogger?

Guest blogger at old fashioned typewriter

I haven’t been posting as much as I used to and it looks like I need to cut back a tiny bit more so I can spend more time on my manuscript. Therefore, I’m looking for guest bloggers. I’d like to help promote other blogs one day each week. It’s preferable if your blog is […]

My Bipolar Grab Bag

I keep ahandy list where I write blog ideas as they come to me. I Iog nearly every idea no matter how silly it may sound. Some ideas are ones I like, but when I attempt to write them, I find they just don’t have enough weight for a full blog post. So, today I decided […]

I’m Trying To Comment, I Promise

For the past two days I have been unable to post comments on other blogs. A very small number have posted, but most completely vanish after I hit the “Post Comment” button. This has nothing to do with Comment Moderation. It is happening on sites that are moderated and those that are not. I am […]

Blogging Time

If you’re looking for this week’s” Caption This” contest, you don’t need to worry. This week it’s being posted on Thursday. For now, kick back with some popcorn, enjoy this post and I’ll see you tomorrow for the contest. Blogging Time Not too long ago I posted my dilemma of juggling time to get things done […]


Since I started this blog I’ve always been upfront and honest about my past, my disorder(s) and what’s going on in my life. I don’t want that to change. I prefer full honesty. Earlier today I published a post about my guilty pleasures In life. One of the items I listed had to do with […]

Blogs, I Need New Blogs!

Awhile back I asked for suggestions for humor blogs, but didn’t get much of a response. I’m hoping to get better feedback this time around because I’m open to blogs that have a broader appeal. What Types of Blogs am I Looking For? What kind am I looking for? Mental health, bipolar specific, humor, funny, […]

Where Have all the Bloggers Gone?

Until a few years ago, this blog was named How is Bradley. The other day I stumbled on that old site and was surprise to find it still there. All the original posts had been transferred here to Insights from a Bipolar Bear, but I believed all along that I shut down the original site […]

Seeking Guest Bloggers

I need some guest bloggers. I’ve had only a few guests write articles for me and I’d like to change that. I don’t expect it to be only about bipolar disorder – it can be most any type of article related to mental health. Hell, I’d be happy to entertain the idea that it be […]

Russian Bloggers Freedom of Speech Suppressed

Rarely do I write about political issues, but sometimes I find It necessary. This is one of those times. Just a few day ago, August 1, 2014, Russia’s oppressive law for bloggers took effect. You haven’t heard of this? Probably because the fighting over the Gaza strip, Russia and the Ukraine, the downing of Malaysian […]

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