Blogs, I Need New Blogs!


Awhile back I asked for suggestions for humor blogs, but didn’t get much of a response. I’m hoping to get better feedback this time around because I’m open to blogs that have a broader appeal.

What Types of Blogs am I Looking For?

What kind am I looking for?
Mental health, bipolar specific, humor, funny, social commentary, writer’s, mystery writer, movie, and blogs that are pretty much about anything.

What I’m not interested in are:
Travel, cooking, promoting a product or other shit like that. political (unless they are part of a general social commentary blog – and especially if they’re funny.)

I use to go to Blog Catalog to check unchartered waters, but too many are outdated. We all know that most blogs have a very short lifespan, so any listing or directory really needs to check regularly. While we’re on the subject, I am looking for good, consistently updated blog directories.

Why Am I Looking For More?

I do love reading blogs about bipolar disorder and I’d love to see some recommendations, but I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m concerned I’ve created a perception that being bipolar is all that I am. I think for awhile I believed this myself.

I currently am following over 150 bloggers, which may sound ridiculously huge for some, but most bloggers don’t post every day. In addition, I also have them categorized. Some I try to get to every day and some I try to get to once a week. Also, since I mostly follow bipolar blogs, many of the regular bloggers I follow, need to take a break now and again.

I hope some of you can help me out. You can list one blog you like or you can list a dozen or more. I hope I can get everyone to suggest something. Surely, there’s at least one blog you can recommend.

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    1. Your post is funny. I’ve been missing them lately. I’ll need to check my WordPress reader.

      1. I was being totally obnoxious – my post wasn’t that funny, but the video by the fellow J.P. Sears – if you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watch it. Or better yet, watch the link at the end of this comment, which was the first time I saw him. He’s truly hilarious and what makes it bizarre is that he’s a real-life therapist, so he’s poking fun at himself in a major way. He’s easy on the eyes too! (Don’t tell Maurice I wrote that!) He reminds me of Richie Cunninghman on “Happy Days, Bradley! I hope that my posts appear in your WordPress Reader now – you could re-follow me I suppose! :))

        1. I’ve seen this video and another he did. Very funny and I had no idea he was a therapist. Don’t worry about Maurice, we both know that just because you’re on a diet, it doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu. 🙂

  1., if you’re not already a member of her Tribe. Jim Wright “Stonekettle Station” if you like, uh, vivid sociopolitical commentary. Both are also on FB. Jim keeps the funny stuff on FB and links to serious commentary on his blog when he posts (irregularly).

  2. Hello friend
    Write the objectives of your blog. There not need t start a new one just reinvent yourself. What you feel is mising try and see if it’s a good fit. Maybe change a new theme. I want to wake up and enjoy going to my blog.
    If you’re wanting to write with a group prt time or more, I would love to talk with you.
    Goo luck, I’ll help anyway I cn.

  3. So much pressure! LOL No, not really. 🙂 I think you follow a lot of the same bipolar blogs I do so I can’t offer up anything new. And I’m still looking for humorous ones myself. I haven’t forgotten to pass them along, I just haven’t found any yet. But it looks like you have got some suggestions to get you going.

    1. I’ll check the suggestion ones out (though I’m sure they’re great because of those who recommended them. ) and I’ll keep searching too. I’ll let you know what I find.

  4. Hi Bradley, perhaps you might take a look at my Grumpy Old Men blog my tag line is:

    Witty and unapologetic commentary of modern life and it’s absurdity; definitely not politically correct.
    Written by two crusty old geezers who want to prevent further change for change sake.

    The posts run the gamut from very funny, absurd, with some ranting thrown in for good measure.

    1. Hi Kevin, I apologize. I don’t recall getting a notification of your comment. Sounds like a blog that will interest me. I’ll take a look.

  5. YES YES YES!! Love your post!!!I just started an open forum blog because as a teacher my own feelings are limited on a variety of topics. So, I guess you can say I have to “hide” behind my blog in hopes that maybe others can share their uncensored opinions. So, kudos to those that can say what they want and take a stand and not be in fear. Heck, I couldn’t even share my voting preference without fear!From 1 blogger to the next…can you please post your rants on my blog!! My blog is an open forum on race, religion, politics, media etc.

    1. Hi,
      I’m actually cutting back on my blogging, but will gladly take a look at yours and possibly go on a rant one day,

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