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Blogging Time

Not too long ago I posted my dilemma of juggling time to get things done each day. As a reminder, this is how I try to schedule my time:

Hours in a day – 24 hours
Sleep Time – 7 hours
Novel Writing – 5 hours
Blog Surfing – 2 hours
Reading – 2 hours
Miscellaneous Time Left – 8 hours

In that post I said I did not have enough time to get all things done in a day even though I felt I had a realistic, flexible schedule. Now it’s worse than before. Reading all the blogs I subscribe to was easy to handle since not everyone blogs every day. Whoa! That has changed. I can only presume it’s because summer is over, but suddenly the blogs I follow have exploded in my face. It’s frustrating because there are so many talented bloggers out there, but in no way am I able to handle it. If I read them all, it would probably take me a minimum of 4 hours a day. Based on my schedule above, it would appear that I have that much time in my day to read them all, but let’s be realistic here, I might be able to read that many, but it’s highly unlikely I could comprehend them all for that amount of time.

Here is how I currently organize the blogs I read.

List #1 – I want to make it clear that for every blog I subscribe to, I have no expectation that the other blogger will subscribe to me. However, those bloggers that I enjoy daily and those who seem to enjoy reading my blog daily go here. Yes, those bloggers get priority and therefore go on this list.

List #2 – This list is similar to list #1. I enjoy reading their posts and they enjoy reading mine, but they read and post sporadically.

List #3 – This list is for blogs I subscribe to, but they don’t subscribe to mine. A good example would be a blog I read regarding writing and mystery writing. I enjoy their blog, but they may have no need or interest in reading a blog about someone with mental illness.

List #4 – Finally, my last category. Again, this list is for those blogs I subscribe to, but they don’t subscribe to mine. In addition, their blogs do not have a subject matter that impacts or interests me as much as a blog about writing. Blogs in this list may be about politics and humor.

So there are the lists I created and felt rather smug at how I categorized them to fit my needs. They don’t fit anymore and that’s my dilemma. There is no way I can possibly read all the blog posts in List #1 and #2, which means there’s no reason to even bother having Lists #3 and #4.

I’m reaching out to those of you, bloggers and non-bloggers, who I know have lists far larger than mine. Do you have a system in place that allows you to not read each blog every day, but ensures you get to most of them on a regular basis? That’s what this somewhat long winded explanation is all about. I need your help.

Any ideas?

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  1. Excellent & original topic and question, Bradley, + totally fascinating! I’m very curious to see what answers you’ll receive.

    I used to subscribe to over 115 blogs & I read them all the time, plus I was always looking for more…..

    When it hit me if I kept up that routine, I’d blow my book deal, I cut back to under 10 blogs & I took a hiatus from Facebook & Twitter. That was a great decision. I miss some of the blogs a lot (and I hope I’l return to them at some point) and I know that I may have hurt some feelings by suddenly disappearing from their blogs, but I had to do it (and I was able to do it) because I was highly motivated.

    Sorry I don’t have my own solution for you, but I was inspired to spew, I mean, share this anyway. 😉

    1. I was never on Twitter that much anyway, but I too have taken a hiatus from Facebook and Twitter. I currently subscribe to over 200 blogs and realize I can’t read them all. I just am looking for ideas on how to possibly reach them all at least once a week. There’s some I want to continue nearly every day and some I can set aside for awhile, but the majority of them I want to continue to touch base in one form or another.

  2. Heh, I just have to keep my list small. I try to visit other network folk at the very least, but I’m not great at that either.

    1. Hey Raeyn. Always good to see you comment. I’m having a problem commenting on other blogs. Once I enter the post button, it appears that my comments vanish. I posted two comments on your blog this morning. Did you receive them?

  3. I follow 80 blogs and some of them no longer post, a few do mostly reposts which I don’t read unless the headline is really jumps out as interesting to me (I like to read original stuff), and most don’t post daily so I can keep up on them by checking in every week or two. I don’t comment on every single post, just on the ones where I have something relative to say. On the same note I do a lot of skimming and usually spend more time on the posts that I can relate to, are interested in or can learn something from. I don’t read every little thing word for word just because I follow it. I read all of my blogs through wordpress reader except for 2. Those two I get sent directly to my email so I never miss them. Yours is one of them, so I read them but dont always make it right over to sign into wordpress and comment. That’s why you’ll see me like and/or comment on several posts at the same time once I’m here. 🙂

    I hope you find a system that works for you. I know it’s fun to develop lasting connections through our blogs and maybe my way of doing things is why I haven’t except for with you and the other person I get by email. Thanks for that, Bradley. 🙂

  4. I have “hard” follows – notifications to my email (a dedicated email address) and “soft” follows – posts which only appear in the Reader. Which I don’t use 🙂

    Other than that, it’s based on a two-way street. Even if I enjoy someone’s content, if I’m constantly liking and commenting and they never come back to me I switch them to “Reader-only”, as there are plenty of other blogs I enjoy where we get good back-and-forth. Sometimes people go the other way – Reader to email. I’ve even come to think of some bloggers I’ve been following for many years as friends 🙂

    1. Interesting idea. I do everything entirely off the reader, but created different lists. I may try the email idea. Thankyou

  5. Like Draliman, I subscribe to certain bloggers and have emails sent directly (probably 30) and make a point to read them all, even if I’m a week behind. Everyone else I follow, I hit up the reader when I’ve got time and read what I can for that day, if I make it on there. I don’t follow everyone who follows me either, not by a long shot.

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